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  • Gentlemen, Stop Your Engines!

    Atlas Weyhausen working intensively on the hydraulic Start - Stop - function for Atlas wheel loaders. Currently the 2nd long term test cycle is executed with different technical parameters. From Ferbruar 2016 this highlight will be available as an option for Atlas loaders. The advantages are obvious: Save fuel, extension of service intervals, reduction of operating hours!

    Automatic start-stop systems conserve fuel by shutting off the engine when it’s not needed. This technology has now found its way into wheel loaders — with a reduction in fuel consumption by as much as 30%.

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  • Weycorpedia

    The English version of weycorpedia is now online.

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  • 20 Single Drum Rollers to the Columbian Government

    Atlas delivered 20 Single Drum Rollers to the Columbian Government. Good things come to those who wait could it mean, because at the Bauma 2013 a delegation of the Columbian government was seeking for heavy compaction equipment to serve them on miscellaneous large construction sites.

    Columbia is an extreme mountainy country with just a moderate service network. Due to this reason it was searched for single drum rollers with a most possible reliability. In the same time the maintenance effort should be as low as possible to reduce the down time. Right here the almost indestructible Atlas unbalance unit was able to collect important points. An additional plus point was the HA-control of the hydrostatic drive. This unit provides especially under difficult circumstances in mountainy areas an unbeatable traction. The last issue which has finalized the deal, was the fact, that the machine structure need no daily maintenance, because the Atlas rollers have not a single greasing nipple. After all bureaucratic issues were solved, Atlas has started the production and today all machines are trouble-free in operation and distributed nationwide in Columbia. In the meanwhile Atlas has been informed by the Columbian government, that they are willing to extent their compactor fleet with more Atlas equipment.

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